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Analysis Software & Programs

Aladin: "- Interactive sky atlas, useful for preparing the observations and overplotting different catalogs and images of a certain field of view."

Allesfitter: "Transit & RV fitting package, uses emcee for Bayesian analysis, very flexible and robust, can also fit a variety of phenomena such as stellar spots, flares TTVs, etc.

Arviz: "Amazing tool for performing Bayesian inference (it also has great visualization tools)."

Astroplanj: "Reducing images and producing light curves"

Astroplan: "Python package to build your own observation planner and transit predictor"

Astroquery: "Nice Python interface for querying the NASA exoplanet archive."

Batman: "Python package written by Laura Kreidberg to generate transit lightcurves"

Eleanor: "Common tool for producing light curves from 30-min TESS data"

Emcee: "MCMC package written by Dan Foreman-Mackey, used in a lot of the other suggested package, but convenient for writing your own mcmc routine"

Exofop TESS: "Database of all TESS TOIs with relevant discovery/follow up observations and data"

Exoplanet: "Similar to Allesfitter can be employed to fit a cariety of stellar objects and physical phenomena, the package uses theano and pymc3 for Bayesian analysis.

General Catalog of Variable Stars (GCVS): "Useful to check if a particular star is a known variable star (also could be done through Aladin).

iObserve: "Mac app for planning observations. Recently moved to a web-based platform (i.e., available to move than just Mac users)"

Juliet: "Transit and RV fitting package like allesfitter"

Lightkurve: "Very nice tool for retrieving Kepler & TESS photometry, performing preliminary analyses (flattening, normalizing, sigma clipping, folding, etc., also has libraries for conducting frequency analysis.

MCMCI (MCMC + Isochrones): "By Andrea Bonfanti and Michael Gillon. It's a fast Fortran code to make RV and photometry fits with a possibility to use isochrone placement algorithm to characterise the host star."

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database: "Quick SED analysis for checking of UV, X-Ray, or IR excess."

Spiderman: "Phase curve generator written by Tom Louden & Laura Kreidberg to generate phase curves of exoplanets"

Staralt: "Quick and convenient object visibility tool at ING site."

Starry: "Code written by Rodrigo Luger to make lightcurves of all kinds of unique scenarios like star spots, overlapping transits, non-uniform surface maps etc"

Transit Least Square: "Transit fitting algorithm, unlike Box least squares algorithm, its geometrical transit model is limb-darkened light curve with presence of ingress and egress, can be used to search for periodic signals (and assess how likely it is that those signals are real.

VESPA: "False Positive Probability software implementation."

VOSA: "Fast SED fitting."

Wotan: "Useful for detrending/flattening photometry"

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