Artem Burdanov

Postdoctoral Associate 

I'm a postdoctoral associate at the MIT EAPS department. I work with Dr. Julien de Wit in the framework of the SPECULOOS project. I manage operations and do scientific exploitation of the SPECULOOS North facility. I have taken part in the TRAPPIST project, which is a prototype of the SPECULOOS project. Throughout my work in this project I took part in the discovery of TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets and consequent follow-up observations with ground-based optical and IR telescopes. I have also worked on the detection and characterization of new transiting gas giant exoplanets around solar-type stars in the context of the WASP and GPX wide-field surveys.

Contact Information:


Office: 77 Massachusetts Ave, 54-1726, Cambridge, MA 02139

Credit: F. Pozuelos