Discovering New Worlds

discovering and studying new worlds to consolidate our understanding of planets and habitats. 

Terrestrial Planets around Red Dwarfs

Tools used in Quest: SPECULOOS

"I manage operations and do scientific exploitation of the SPECULOOS North facility. I’m also interested in characterization of transiting exoplanets by means of ground-based near-infrared photometry"​

                                                   - Artem Burdanov, Postdoctoral Associate

"Transiting exoplanets orbiting small stars provide our best opportunity to study small, rocky worlds in the next two decades. Our group works to discover new transiting planets around nearby red dwarfs using new data from the SPECULOOS ground-based transit survey and the TESS survey and archival Kepler and K2 data."

                                                   - Benjamin Rackham, Postdoctoral Fellow

"Only terrestrial planets are capable of holding a biosphere. Thus, we are looking for planets around smaller stars similar to TRAPPIST-1 whose atmosphere are well suited for subsequent characterization once they are discovered."​

                                                               - Prajwal Niraula, Graduate Student

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Gas Giants and Brown Dwarfs in Crowded Fields

Tools used in Quest: WASP, GPX

"I’m co-leading the Galactic Plane eXoplanet survey (GPX). The main goal of GPX is to survey high-density star fields of the Galactic plane with moderately high image resolution of in order to find new transiting gas giants and brown dwarfs"​

                                                   - Artem Burdanov, Postdoctoral Associate

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Background Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt, T. Pyle (IPAC)